Atlantis and the Atlanteans
  Atlantis and  
  the Atlanteans  

Translated from Russian
by Mikhail Nikolenko

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ISBN: 978-1-89751-033-9

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The Essence of Divine Alchemy


Written down by Larisa Vavulina

Transforming in oneself the darkness — into Light, evil — into Love… — in this people go to the Perfection.

The process of such transformation — which requires struggle to the utmost exertion of all strengths of the soul — gradually gives birth to the Elixir of Immortality, Precious Diamond, Golden Flower, the Key to everything in the Creation. By this term people denote Divine Love!

In the “crucible” called the planet Earth — human souls are melted. Boiling in one common cauldron, all souls — big and small, vegetable, animal, human, virtuous, sinful — have equal possibility to purify themselves from the “dross”. Yet it is only human beings that can do this work consciously.

Human passions boil in this “crucible”: anger, lust, other vicious desires, arrogance, hatred, malice, jealousy, envy, greed …

Through pain and suffering, through temptations and trials — vices-“dross” get separated from the souls. And then, there remains only the transparent Crystal, whose quality is Pure Love.

It is in the process of struggle and burning that Love gets born and grows! And then this Love creates and sustains all the life in the universe.

… I want to tell also about another important thing: about mergence of consciousnesses. After all, consciousnesses (souls) are energies! And their mergence is Reality! It resembles the well known phenomenon of diffusion. Yet in order to make this possible, the consciousnesses must be similar by their qualities.

In the non-material component of the multidimensional Absolute, the vector of the correct movement of consciousnesses directed toward the Center, Which is called also the Universal Magnet. It is the Heart of the Absolute, that is the Creator.

In other words, the evolutionary correct advancement of consciousnesses takes place in the direction of subtlety: from more dense strata of the Absolute — to the most subtle one, to the Creator.

It is in the Abode of the Creator that their final mergence takes place — mergence of each correctly evolving soul with the Primordial Consciousness. This is an objective law of life in the universe, which can be called the Law of universal (spiritual) attraction. The driving force and catalyst of this process is love: the emotions of pure (that is selfless) love.

If souls oppose the principle of Love, if they do not go the path of refinement — then they… also merge — but with the dense, coarse layers of the multidimensional Absolute; in these layers they exist until the end of the current Kalpa.

But if the soul responds to the call of the Creator and aspires to Him, develops in itself love, subtlety, wisdom, power — then such a soul can finish its personal evolution very quickly and settle forever in the Abode of the Creator in full Mergence with Him.